Chemistry of sexual arouslal

A new study with rats is the first to demonstrate that a group of hormone receptors in the brain plays a key role in female sexual appetite. The research may one day lead to drugs for treating sexual dysfunction in women. One reason for this inequality, says James Pfaus, a behavioral neuroendocrinologist at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, is that it has only recently become clear that the kinds of chemicals that increase sexual arousal in men are ineffective in women. Pfaus is surprised that PT appears to increase sexual appetite in female rats but not their "downstream" sexual physiology, such as the reflexive bending of the female's back necessary for intercourse. This suggests that the drug is acting on a central regulator of sexual behavior, says Pfaus, which not only makes it the best candidate going for treating sexual dysfunction in women, but should also help us better understand the "chemical code" of sexual desire in the brain. This is the first study to show that two components of female sexuality, the appetite for sex and the body's receptivity to intercourse, are under "separable control" in female mammals, says Joseph Herbert, a neurobiologist at the University of Cambridge, U.

The Chemistry of Female Desire

Sexual thoughts: links to testosterone and cortisol in men.

Scientists in fields ranging from anthropology to neuroscience have been asking this same question albeit less eloquently for decades. It turns out the science behind love is both simpler and more complex than we might think. What we do know, however, is that much of love can be explained by chemistry. Think of the last time you ran into someone you find attractive. You may have stammered, your palms may have sweated; you may have said something incredibly asinine and tripped spectacularly while trying to saunter away or is that just me?

Sexual thoughts: links to testosterone and cortisol in men.

The sex hormone testosterone is a genuine aphrodisiac, with higher levels stimulating sexual desire in men and perhaps in women as well, recent research has shown. But the level of testosterone coursing through a person's body has little direct impact on sexual performance, according to the studies, which have discovered a sharp distinction between the chemistry of desire and that of the sexual act itself. The findings on testosterone's role in erotic life are part of a series of recent discoveries emerging from laboratories as sexual desire, an urge at once elusive and compelling, yields its secrets to the cold eye of science. While for several decades scientists have made detailed studies of the psychology and anatomy of sexual arousal itself, it is only within the last few years that desire, the harbinger of arousal, has become a focus for research.
Sexual stimuli increase testosterone T or cortisol C in males of a variety of species, including humans, and just thinking about sex increases T in women. We investigated whether sexual thoughts change T or C in men and whether hormone measures baseline, post-activity, and changes correlate with psychological sexual arousal. We used the Imagined Social Situation Exercise to assess how hormones respond to and correlate with sexual thoughts and arousal relative to three control conditions: neutral, stressful, and positive. A total of 99 men provided a baseline saliva sample, imagined and wrote about a sexual or control situation, and provided a second saliva sample 15 min later. Results indicated that, for participants in the sexual condition, higher baseline and post-activity C corresponded to larger increases in self- reported sexual and autonomic arousal.
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